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My late grandfather Rachmiel Pukin was born in Druja. This information is based on a List of Jewish residents found in List of names of Jewish residents of Latvia, the result of research by the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia under the supervision of Prof. WE know that our Rav Mordechai Hillman had at least 3 children: 1. I am sharing one here; " My grandparents, who came to America, were Nachama (nee Kopolowitz) and Yitzchak Yosef Epstein from Ilya. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by his cousin, Nekhama Hershkovitz Zupraner\Max Epstein was born in 1890. my mother played the violin and Sylvia would dance to her music.It was very interesting to watch the photos from Druja on the site. This information is based on a List of persecuted persons found in List of murdered people from Druja, 1941-1942. Ruvin Ferber and with the cooperation of the Latvia State Historical Archives, 2002. My mother also had a brother AVROHOM BER EPSTEIN, who was a shohet in Dolhinov. ROCHEL was married to Zeev Wolf Brochin and they had three children. My mother's maiden name was Estelle Singer.father was William Singer (who left the pogroms of Grodno with his family, first emigrating to London and then years later to New York) and my Mother's mother, Regina Gussie Kaplan, was also from the region and emigrated to New York.(And if there really is a legitimate reason you can’t let them stay but they don’t want to drive, a really great employer will help them make other arrangements — whether it’s having someone with four-wheel drive help transport people, local hotels, or whatever.)Is there any way to professionally ask to work from home for a few days in a row, without going too much into the reason why with my boss?My fiancée and I are in a bad place, talking about splitting up, and I can’t stop crying.That said, I wonder if you’re classified correctly; call center reps are normally non-exempt positions. Do I need to distribute perks evenly among my team?It might be worth looking into the classification standards and seeing if you’re misclassified. My team of six was all in the office on New Year’s Eve, and my first instinct was to let everyone take off a few hours early in the spirit of the holiday.

I tend to think that sending people home early for a holiday should be a do-it-for-everyone thing, not something that you’re using to reward performance.It’s going to be very hard to sit at my desk at work (tried it yesterday and had to go out to my car for long periods, ended up leaving early to see a therapist).My typical schedule is working from home one day a week, so it’s not unheard of on our team to be remote.So it sounds like the company is complying with the law, as long as they’re getting that break after six hours.If they’re pushing it back to seven, that would be a legal issue.

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