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Write your own cuckold stories - have a sex date & meet a wife lover in real life.Our Cuckolds Forum is a place for UK Cuckolds & our hotwives & their wife lovers.Or, maybe it's best I don't." So are you referring to a wife you have now (or are about to get married to), or trying to find a married gal who could be willing to pork you left-n-right while their husband watches TV? 16 was the age of consent for way longer US has been in existence... From your other posts, you talk about the past with ex's, so I assuming it could be either way? Including hot wife dating forums, cuckold stories, litrotica, hot wife stories, fuck buddy personals, cuckold groups, our hotwifeblog, ourhotwives photos, wife lover verification pics & cuckold photo galleries, HD & streaming cuckold movies.

**At Hotwife is a married woman who's husband encourages her to have sex with other men. I want to be honest upfront, and not spring it on her down the road. Or, you know.somewhere that is kink friendly and start looking there. Actually from day one of reading your posts,you were a big part of why I liked this place. : )No seriously,we met very young and he came with some serious issues he was contending with both physical and emotional ,mainly a horrific skin disease that limited our intimacy,not to mention his financial dependence on me and our 3 kids who needed a father,and I didn't have the heart to kick him out of MY house,until it because way too obvious that his anger issues wouldn't ever dissipate no matter how much I loved him or forgave him Not to mention, I was way too codependant to end it sooner. I guess the OP can't speak for himself as he has yet to respond to any comments.

How about advising him where he could finda woman like this instead of schooling me?? How do you know about the, "sexually charged women on the swinger sites?

So wait, you put in your profile you're Divorced -- while also mentioning Hotwifing, but said "There's a lot of fish in the sea, I might find what I'm looking for.

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