Homemade dating anniversary gift ideas for him

It was the first of many similar vows made over the years, all broken in short order.It also established a pattern: experiment, trouble, cover-up.After signaling for them to pull into a Big Boy hamburger drive-in, Ken zeroed in on nineteen-year-old Patty Spaulding and came away with her phone number. “She was cute as a bug,” he remembered later, proudly showing off a picture of a beautiful young woman with a bouncy smile.But Patty, having recently ended a stormy relationship, was initially aloof.Ken’s father was a skilled tradesman, a tool-and-die maker who worked for General Electric and Pratt & Whitney.

Combined with his constant air of preoccupation, his reserve must have been confounding to a child.If David was a slightly odd child, his parents, lost in their own preoccupations, hardly noticed.His father, Ken Hahn, grew up in the Detroit area along with his four brothers and sisters.“I was trying to get a magical reaction, to create something new,” he remembered later.“I thought that the more things I threw in, the stronger the reaction I’d get.”After he finished blending the ingredients together, young David was disappointed to see that all he had in the bowl was a lifeless, grayish glob.

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