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He will discuss why he believes the recent increase in school shootings is the result of anti-depressant medications.

is an expert in nutrition, cancer prevention, and cancer detection.

The app allows you to track specific trains, alerts you to any disruptions on your route and can help you plan your next journey more effectively.

The c2c Live App will enable you to save up to three favourite destinations so you can quickly refer to your regular journeys, delivering you the best fares and to book tickets on the go.

[Added] Sort your favorite and recent friends in message section.

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They can distinguish the spam profiles, and deactivate it without making many issues, alternate clients.

[Added] Rewind Last Swipe - Premium user can rewind his last swiped people.

[Added] Change location - Premium user can change his current location.

The c2c Live App provides real-time information to help you to make the most informed choice for your journey.

With door-to-door route advice and disruption alerts, c2c Live helps you plan your journey effectively and keeps you up to date whilst on the move.

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