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*/ private static Fusion Dictionary read Input From Parsed Args(final Arguments args) throws IOException, Unsupported Format Exception, Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException, File Not Found Exception /** * Turn an XML String into a DOM.

* @param feed RSS 2.0 feed input stream * @return in-memory representation of RSS feed * @throws RSSFault if an unrecoverable parse error occurs */ public RSSFeed parse(Input Stream feed) /** * Handle reading of the input (object) from the kettle repository by getting the xml from the repository attribute string and then re-hydrate the object with our already existing read method.*/ static Soy Msg Bundle parse Xliff Target Msgs(String xliff Content) throws SAXException, Soy Msg Exception /** * Compiles the resource.

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Besides elements defined in our DTD, XML has a set of already predefined ones.

Character data is a text directly inserted between start and end tags of the element.

A concrete implementation of SAX-parser defines whether it will collect all CDATA before passage to handler or it will pass it there by their occurence.

I'm using the SAX parser and getting a list of errors.

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Is there a way to tell the parser to ignore these DTD related errors?

I'm searching the java library for parsing XML (complex configuration and data files), I googled a bit but couldn't found other than dom4j (Seems like they are working on V2)..

One is in which I enter a specific node attribute id, and I get all the child nodes as result, and second is suppose I just want to get a specific child node value only In above example I want to read all the elements if I search via @name and also one function in which I just want the url from @name 'Javascript' only return one node element.

Kai passing in the document defined in that code and the return type you are expecting, and cast the result to the object type of the result.

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